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About the platform

Experience of international volunteering can be a beautiful one, but also overwhelming at times, especially in the beginning when you have to adapt to a new environment and take in a lot of new information.

This platform was created as a toolbox for both hosting organisations and volunteers. A range of information is gathered together in a simple way to share the essentials about the European Solidarity Corps and provide guidance on how to optimise the volunteering experience at all levels.

As experienced during the time of COVID-19, having tools available online proves to be an important piece of our ever-evolving world. And having all important information in one place makes it easier for the volunteer, who can process all the information at their own pace, and revisit specific topics during their mobility, as needed.


When visiting the platform you will find some general information for all European Solidarity Corps volunteers. You will find information for specific countries of Spain, Italy, France and Croatia since these are countries from which the partner organisations that developed the platform are coming from. You will also be able to see some content specifically related to the partner organisations but these can serve as a templates in which you can adapt and so you can better prepare and induct volunteers into their new working environment.


Even though the platform has a focus on European Solidarity Corps volunteering, much of the information can be useful for all international volunteers. So no mather which programme you are engaging volunteers, you will find something to support you in your work.  


We strongly recommend that, after volunteers review all the information on the platform, you have a meeting with them to reflect on everything they have learnt, discuss expectations, answer all questions and clarify on any assumptions or misinterpretations. Having tools like this platform is a great reference point and will direct the volunteers' integration and learning, but of course nothing can replace human contact.

Poings solidaires

The project partners

This project is implemented in partnership with Asociatión Mundus from Spain, Pistes Solidaires from France, Replay Network from Italy and Association for promotion of IT, culture and coexistence from Croatia.

All partners have a rich experience in working with international volunteers, they have implemented a number of international projects and have experience in supporting volunteers as sending and hosting organizations. Through years of experience, project partners developed some tools and methods to ease their work with international volunteers. Through this platform and Guidebook for coordinating international volunteers, we wish to share our knowledge, expertise and ready to use tools in hope of raising the quality of volunteer support throughout Europe.

"Rise in Quality"
The project

Rise in Quality focuses on supporting the development of new knowledge and competencies of youth workers and is contributing to quality and innovation in youth work. When thinking of youth work, promoting quality and innovation comes with recognising the support organisations need, to then establish programmes suitable for international volunteers.

International volunteers bring a unique perspective, creative thinking, and energy into organisations. International volunteering promotes new skills, innovation, and European values. International volunteers are also hoping to personally grow during their experience.

In order to best facilitate this growth, organisations need to be equipped with tools that are practical and simple to implement. Rise in Quality recognises that many non-governmental organisations working with international volunteers are often faced with limitations due to a lack of finance, staff, time for educations/workshops, or reading best practices for supporting volunteers. Yet, when working with young people organisations are not ready to compromise the quality of support they provide.


With these realities in mind, we developed the vision of the project:

· Strengthen organisations’ capacity to support international volunteers

· Improve support for hosting international volunteers

· Ease the stress of volunteer management

· Increase solidarity throughout partner organisations and all hosting organizations

· Promote active citizenship and volunteering;


This project is offering two tools, that all organisations working with international volunteers can use. One is the platform „Essential toolbox for volunteers“ designed to provide all information international volunteers need to have when preparing for and doing their mobility. The second tool is a Guidebook for coordinating international volunteers, filled with practical information and experience in problem solving, as well as ready to use tools that will ease your task of coordinating volunteers.


Rise in Quality is financed by the European commission through Erasmus+ program.

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