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My volunteering from a practical point of view



Discover with a video the activities of the Social Cooperative Garibaldi, local partner of Replay Network aps. Volunteers in Rome may be involved in the activities run with the youngsters of the cooperative, taking care of an urban garden, preparing food for lunch in the trattoria, learning to communicate with the young people with Autism.

If you would like to volunteer in activities dedicated to youngsters, take a look at the activities realized as part of the programme of the youth centres Replay Networks aps manages in Rome in collaboration with the local organisation Cemea del Mezzogiorno onlus: intercultural group activities and games, manual art laboratories, urban garden, homework school support and many more.

In 2019 we hosted Berenice, a French volunteer that was involved in the activities of MYO SPAZIO youth centre. She decided to share her experience by creating lyrics and a videoclip telling her volunteering story. 

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