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Asociación Mundus is organization specialized in management of international mobility projects, especially in the area of Erasmus +, European Social Fund, Europe for Citizens, Interreg, TLN Mobility. We are seeking for excellence in sending and hosting services fostering mobilities for all-inclusiveness.

Our main focus is to manage international mobility projects for the purposes of learning, teaching and training. We manage internships volunteering, youth exchanges, training courses and strategic projects- for youngsters and professionals.

Our mission is to improve young people’s employability developing their soft skills and enlarging their vision upon the current society promoting a more inclusive, diverse and conscious awareness, using non-formal education methodologies.

Due to the diversity of the projects that we carry out, we have several links with schools, public bodies and civic institutions, that we help getting into strategic partnerships and projects in order to improve the quality of education and youth services. We have accompanied VET schools, local NGOs and other social actors to KA2 and KA3 projects under Erasmus+. Right now, Mundus has been promotor and partner in more than 25 Erasmus projects.


By the end of 2021, Asociación Mundus had sent and received more than 700 EVS/CES volunteers and more than 800 participants to youth exchanges, seminars and training courses all around Europe. Moreover, our international mobility department specialized in VET education, every year, sends more than 1000 VET Spanish students for an internship abroad and hosts more than 1400 EU VET students in Zaragoza. For that, we have set a network of more than 400 local enterprises which welcome interns during the whole year.


Besides, our commitment with the local community leads us to organize different activities, workshops and events to promote the benefits of international mobility through non-formal education at a local level. From 2020, Mundus is the coordinating organization of the Oficina de Empleo Joven (Office for the Youth job) in the Zaragoza townhall. It is the spot for international mobility In the city of Zaragoza.

Our team is composed by more than 40 motivated people, most of whom started as participants in any of the abovementioned mobility project, and became motivated by their own experience. Mundus’ team grows as the number of projects do, becoming increasingly specialized and professional.

Zaida Sabariego, Bulgaria

She participated in the "Green Summit" volunteering in Bulgaria with Green Association. Her project focused on sustainability and the preparation of youth events.

“If I look back seven months, I remember the nerves of the unknown, the insecurities regarding my level of English and at the same time the desire to discover a new country for which I did not know much at the time nor was it a destination I would have had in mind before. Now, seven months later, I couldn't be happier for the choice I made at the time, both for the country I chose and for the association and the project they have been carrying out since 2012 when they were formed”.

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